Did We Just Find A Real Alien Body?

It seems a bit far-fetched, but from first look at what the Gaia folks have discovered I'd say it's a rather convincing possibility they've got something worth further investigation. There have been plenty of fakes in the past, we'll have to wait for further testing...but first look seems to suggest something new in the human family previously undiscovered or, dare I say...actually extra-terrestrial. The three fingers and toes are particularly creepy.

Even if this mummy proves to be an artificial reproduction (Carbon 14 dating puts it in the 200 AD time range, so definitely not a recent forgery), it would seem that the ancient Peruvian people of Nazca were "inspired" to replicate something they had previously encountered - much like the "Cargo Cult" natives of Melanesia who recreate Navy Planes out of palm tree branches in hopes of "invoking" American Pilots to return to their villages.

When you factor this in with the plethora of other ancient "elongated skulls" found in the region, it certainly seems there was a concerted effort on the part of ancient Peruvians to "mimic" something they'd seen or encountered. If elongation of your skull increased your social status, what more status could you possibly attain than looking like one of the gods? Artificial Cranial Deformation is a widespread phenomena across the world - so I feel a single source of "contact" must've provided the impetus for these cultures to adopt such a strange behavior.

I don't know...I'm gonna keep an eye on this one. I was hopeful of Dr Steven Alan Greer's "Alien Baby" and truth is, it's still kind of weird, it was proven to be a six inch person that lived till they were six years old (CREEPY!). Maybe this is the evidence UFO hunters have been looking for all along?

Three fingers crossed ;)