In case you've been living under a rock all week, or have just been binge watching your favorite Netflix shows beyond normal limits, the Pentagon released a report that-

  1. The US Government has been secretly studying UFOs.
  2. That they have evidence of UFOs, including crashed UFO debris hidden in warehouses in Las Vegas.
  3. The former director of the Pentagon program has gone on record saying "We may not be alone".

Pretty groundbreaking stuff. This is the first time in human history that any major world government (other than the Chilean) has admitted UFOs exist, and that is has evidence to back it up. That is, in effect, what these folks are saying. You should be blown away. If not, don't's only just beginning.

Skeptics of course, simply can't handle it when the truth that was formerly out there decides to finally phone home. Whether they like it or not, there is a bias in academia against any study of UFO phenomena. The stigma surrounding such an important subject betrays the value such a discovery has on the future prosperity of the human race. In my opinion, when we need science the most to help us understand unexplained phenomena, all you really see is fear of ridicule overriding monumental opportunity for amazing new discoveries and progress. How sad, and pathetic. 

What I love about the skeptics and this UFO issue is that their difficulty in accepting the very real evidence lies mostly in their institutionalized hubris. Their human-centric worldview would be laughable if it wasn't so destructive and debilitating to scientists actually trying to figure out what this UFO phenomena is.

One of the claims the author of this article makes is the distances are too far for aliens to travel, that they don't seem to have any real "intentions", and they've never been here before, so why now?

This is laughable.

First off, scientists will tell you we only have about a total of 4% of the known universe understood. The electromagnetic spectrum is a drop in the bucket to the rest of the physics we know nothing about.

The other key ingredient missing from modern science is a full understanding of how consciousness affects physical reality. Look up the "The Hard Problem of Consciousness". The very mechanism (our mind) we're using to "measure" reality is one of the biggest unknowns ever. Sorry science, but you're not as objective as you think.

These two things alone give no talking ape on this rock floating in space we live on any definitive ability to make the statements said above in the article. They really hint more at how insignificant our opinions are.

That being said, here are my opinions πŸ˜‰πŸ€—

1. The universe is built primarily out of mind. There are layers to mind. Our layer (of physical atoms) has a particular agreed upon calibration. We are not solid objects, never were. Our atoms are 99% empty. We are energy systems coordinating with other systems, most of which are unknown to us (dark matter). But obviously, there is a relationship, and inherent to all of this is a mental connection that maintains this relationship in ways our conscious minds aren't tracking (too busy with Kardashians and Trump tax cuts to worry about matters of cosmic significance happening in our galaxy).

2. Consider the physical body one octave (the C note), the emotional body the next octave up (the D note), and then higher and higher and more refined mental options going up a frequency scale. This is just a generic overview - but ultimately, a UFO doesn't have to travel solely in the "physical" world. They can take a shortcut to less dense areas of universal "mind" to get here, then back again. We need to stop thinking in Cartesean duality, obviously it's never been true. It's just a way of defining things, but not an honest understanding of how it all ties together. If the physical world is where infinity plays out, then there are layers to the universe that act as the "blueprints" that later define our physical reality (which again, is 99% empty anyway). Why go physically somewhere when you can take a shortcut by connecting the "idea" of two places together first, then materializing where the blueprint meets physical space? We're going to soon discover there's nothing paranormal about this at all, but our limiting mind-constructs have made it seem that way. (Don't even get me started on the Elon Musk theory we live in a simulation anyway, which I will get into in another post).

3. What are they doing, flying around? Maybe they're trying to let us know its time we are part of a bigger cosmic family. What do I know? Do they care what we think? If they're functioning on a higher vibrational wavelength than ours, their reasons for doing anything are going to be beyond our scope of comprehension, especially when we frame the question from a scared, needy, and arrogant human-centric point of view.

4. The fact that he says they've never been here before...PLEASE...has he not seen Ancient Aliens? β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜‹πŸ˜œ C'mon man.

My point: we're a bunch of talking monkeys on a floating rock in space about to get a new education in how this universe works. I hope you can all put aside your ego long enough to witness history being made. Imagine earth as a radio station that somebody purposely turned off a certain amount of the available frequency bandwidth allocated. In another words, were about to go from AM to Sattellite radio and all the extra channel packages included.

Enjoy the show.