In Search of Bigfoot

I know what your thinking. Yes, I thought the same thing - the idea of large hairy ape wandering around in the woods just seems so...ridiculous, right? Wouldn't they have found its bones by now? Wouldn't somebody have captured some footage, in focus, of these supposed creatures running through people's backyards, stealing and breaking their lawn furniture, or worse?

I'll admit, I believe in some things most would call insane. But I worry not, happy to quote Krishnamurti "It is No Measure of Health to Be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society". So nana-nana-na-na.

But seriously, Bigfoot has always been a stretch for me. But the walls are closing

I've recently made two trips to the famous ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, WA. I went to see UFOs, which, I in fact DID SEE, an amazing enough experience. But what's driven me even further down the rabbit hole are my encounters with some force in the woods many say is Bigfoot.

I had to chance to share my experience with the ranch's residing expert on all things paranormal, James Gilliland, on his radio show "As You Wish". Here's the YouTube clip of me and James discussing the Bigfoot phenomena I experienced, along with my buddy Wilder Jolly (seen being interviewed just before me).

What's really strange about these "encounters" I've been having is that they mirror personal events in the strangest of ways. In fact, the whole Star Leaf journey I've been on never ceases to blow my mind. So many odd synchronicities have lined up in ways I can't begin to fathom or anticipate. For me to write in the new Star Leaf script my character Ranger Dave (SPOILER ALERT) is a possible Bigfoot - then to have James himself say I might've been one in a past life is just...eerie.

I know what you're thinking, I'm ridiculous and worse...gullible. But here's what I know...I've had up to four strange instances of ape-like sounds coming from the woods, one of which was initiated after "tree knocking", a common technique used to elicit responses from these creatures, whatever they are. The sounds do not match those made of other Pacific Northwest wildlife. I seem to have relative ease in making "contact" with whatever Bigfoot is.

So guess what...I'm gonna keep trying.

What keeps me at it? It's simple...the more I study my personal experiences, and the more I study the gaping holes in our modern understanding of physics, I see where this all makes sense. Our universe is multi-dimensional. The physical is just the lowest vibration, home of "coagulated God-thought" at its most densest (some people are definitely more dense than others, right?). Hell, some of Silicon Valley's brightest are claiming we all live in a virtual reality. I think they're kinda right, though its consciousness, not code that's running it. There are many other sentient forces vibrating at higher or lower frequencies than the current calibration of our atoms here in the electromagnetic spectrum. The atom is, after all, 95% empty. You ever ask yourself what's inside that other 95%? Apparently 9 foot tall Bigfoots. 

It's time to wake up world. Our physical dimension has gone to shit. The consciousness that's producing most people's reality doesn't have the bandwidth nescessary to generate a Bigfoot sighting. It's not "frequency specific" as James would say. Time to expand your minds, and learn how to communicate with forces that might have something interesting to tell you, other than to stop watching fake news.