Billy Corgan and the Reptilian Shapeshifter

Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame claims to have seen a reptilian shapeshifter while on the Howard Stern show - that's right, a scaled-illuminati psychopath of the David Icke variety:

This claim comes on the heels of Corey Feldman's arrest for pot charges days after talking about pedophile rings in Hollywood (just an unfortunate coincidence, right?) Several more sex cases involving industry children (Netflix "Stranger Things") have come out in recent days, not to mention the Harvey Weinstein stuff.

Why am I connecting these seemingly random events together? Let me explain further:

I've been reading a lot on multiple personality disorders lately, realizing rape before 9 years of age introduces the possibility of what some psychologists term "foreign personalities" or "Alters", fragments of consciousness they discover that don't seem to belong to the host patient they're treating.

Here's another seemingly random but I think related topic; "Parabiosis". It's becoming a fashionable trend - clinics opening up in Hollywood that allow you to receive "young blood", a transfusion of blood from a teenager. Apparently the anti-aging effects are astounding. But looking at it another way, it's really just a modern twist on vampirism, except it's REALLY HAPPENING.

Now, let's do a little free association: hundreds of thousands of kids go missing every year in the US/UK. If a teenager's blood really does have rejuvenating and healing effects....and this is what Parabiosis remarkable demonstrates, then what about a young child's blood, or a newborn's perhaps?

I'm not saying that every child that goes missing in the US becomes a Satanic sacrifice in a Hollywood pedophile's basement, but at the same time, it's interesting to see some science is showing that the blood does indeed play a significant role in the "life force" of an individual, and that certain people, or hell, even entities might actually hack it to gain some sort of illegitimate benefit.

Maybe we're not as high up on the food chain as we think? Maybe there are sentient forces on the fringes of our electromagnetic spectrum that use trauma to open us up to parasitical attack?

I believe Billy. Do you?