In case you've been living under a rock all week, or have just been binge watching your favorite Netflix shows beyond normal limits, the Pentagon released a report that-

  1. The US Government has been secretly studying UFOs.
  2. That they have evidence of UFOs, including crashed UFO debris hidden in warehouses in Las Vegas.
  3. The former director of the Pentagon program has gone on record saying "We may not be alone".

Pretty groundbreaking stuff. This is the first time in human history that any major world government (other than the Chilean) has admitted UFOs exist, and that is has evidence to back it up. That is, in effect, what these folks are saying. You should be blown away. If not, don't's only just beginning.

Skeptics of course, simply can't handle it when the truth that was formerly out there decides to finally phone home. Whether they like it or not, there is a bias in academia against any study of UFO phenomena. The stigma surrounding such an important subject betrays the value such a discovery has on the future prosperity of the human race. In my opinion, when we need science the most to help us understand unexplained phenomena, all you really see is fear of ridicule overriding monumental opportunity for amazing new discoveries and progress. How sad, and pathetic. 

What I love about the skeptics and this UFO issue is that their difficulty in accepting the very real evidence lies mostly in their institutionalized hubris. Their human-centric worldview would be laughable if it wasn't so destructive and debilitating to scientists actually trying to figure out what this UFO phenomena is.

One of the claims the author of this article makes is the distances are too far for aliens to travel, that they don't seem to have any real "intentions", and they've never been here before, so why now?

This is laughable.

First off, scientists will tell you we only have about a total of 4% of the known universe understood. The electromagnetic spectrum is a drop in the bucket to the rest of the physics we know nothing about.

The other key ingredient missing from modern science is a full understanding of how consciousness affects physical reality. Look up the "The Hard Problem of Consciousness". The very mechanism (our mind) we're using to "measure" reality is one of the biggest unknowns ever. Sorry science, but you're not as objective as you think.

These two things alone give no talking ape on this rock floating in space we live on any definitive ability to make the statements said above in the article. They really hint more at how insignificant our opinions are.

That being said, here are my opinions 😉🤗

1. The universe is built primarily out of mind. There are layers to mind. Our layer (of physical atoms) has a particular agreed upon calibration. We are not solid objects, never were. Our atoms are 99% empty. We are energy systems coordinating with other systems, most of which are unknown to us (dark matter). But obviously, there is a relationship, and inherent to all of this is a mental connection that maintains this relationship in ways our conscious minds aren't tracking (too busy with Kardashians and Trump tax cuts to worry about matters of cosmic significance happening in our galaxy).

2. Consider the physical body one octave (the C note), the emotional body the next octave up (the D note), and then higher and higher and more refined mental options going up a frequency scale. This is just a generic overview - but ultimately, a UFO doesn't have to travel solely in the "physical" world. They can take a shortcut to less dense areas of universal "mind" to get here, then back again. We need to stop thinking in Cartesean duality, obviously it's never been true. It's just a way of defining things, but not an honest understanding of how it all ties together. If the physical world is where infinity plays out, then there are layers to the universe that act as the "blueprints" that later define our physical reality (which again, is 99% empty anyway). Why go physically somewhere when you can take a shortcut by connecting the "idea" of two places together first, then materializing where the blueprint meets physical space? We're going to soon discover there's nothing paranormal about this at all, but our limiting mind-constructs have made it seem that way. (Don't even get me started on the Elon Musk theory we live in a simulation anyway, which I will get into in another post).

3. What are they doing, flying around? Maybe they're trying to let us know its time we are part of a bigger cosmic family. What do I know? Do they care what we think? If they're functioning on a higher vibrational wavelength than ours, their reasons for doing anything are going to be beyond our scope of comprehension, especially when we frame the question from a scared, needy, and arrogant human-centric point of view.

4. The fact that he says they've never been here before...PLEASE...has he not seen Ancient Aliens? ☺️😋😜 C'mon man.

My point: we're a bunch of talking monkeys on a floating rock in space about to get a new education in how this universe works. I hope you can all put aside your ego long enough to witness history being made. Imagine earth as a radio station that somebody purposely turned off a certain amount of the available frequency bandwidth allocated. In another words, were about to go from AM to Sattellite radio and all the extra channel packages included.

Enjoy the show.



In Search of Bigfoot

I know what your thinking. Yes, I thought the same thing - the idea of large hairy ape wandering around in the woods just seems so...ridiculous, right? Wouldn't they have found its bones by now? Wouldn't somebody have captured some footage, in focus, of these supposed creatures running through people's backyards, stealing and breaking their lawn furniture, or worse?

I'll admit, I believe in some things most would call insane. But I worry not, happy to quote Krishnamurti "It is No Measure of Health to Be Well Adjusted to a Profoundly Sick Society". So nana-nana-na-na.

But seriously, Bigfoot has always been a stretch for me. But the walls are closing

I've recently made two trips to the famous ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, WA. I went to see UFOs, which, I in fact DID SEE, an amazing enough experience. But what's driven me even further down the rabbit hole are my encounters with some force in the woods many say is Bigfoot.

I had to chance to share my experience with the ranch's residing expert on all things paranormal, James Gilliland, on his radio show "As You Wish". Here's the YouTube clip of me and James discussing the Bigfoot phenomena I experienced, along with my buddy Wilder Jolly (seen being interviewed just before me).

What's really strange about these "encounters" I've been having is that they mirror personal events in the strangest of ways. In fact, the whole Star Leaf journey I've been on never ceases to blow my mind. So many odd synchronicities have lined up in ways I can't begin to fathom or anticipate. For me to write in the new Star Leaf script my character Ranger Dave (SPOILER ALERT) is a possible Bigfoot - then to have James himself say I might've been one in a past life is just...eerie.

I know what you're thinking, I'm ridiculous and worse...gullible. But here's what I know...I've had up to four strange instances of ape-like sounds coming from the woods, one of which was initiated after "tree knocking", a common technique used to elicit responses from these creatures, whatever they are. The sounds do not match those made of other Pacific Northwest wildlife. I seem to have relative ease in making "contact" with whatever Bigfoot is.

So guess what...I'm gonna keep trying.

What keeps me at it? It's simple...the more I study my personal experiences, and the more I study the gaping holes in our modern understanding of physics, I see where this all makes sense. Our universe is multi-dimensional. The physical is just the lowest vibration, home of "coagulated God-thought" at its most densest (some people are definitely more dense than others, right?). Hell, some of Silicon Valley's brightest are claiming we all live in a virtual reality. I think they're kinda right, though its consciousness, not code that's running it. There are many other sentient forces vibrating at higher or lower frequencies than the current calibration of our atoms here in the electromagnetic spectrum. The atom is, after all, 95% empty. You ever ask yourself what's inside that other 95%? Apparently 9 foot tall Bigfoots. 

It's time to wake up world. Our physical dimension has gone to shit. The consciousness that's producing most people's reality doesn't have the bandwidth nescessary to generate a Bigfoot sighting. It's not "frequency specific" as James would say. Time to expand your minds, and learn how to communicate with forces that might have something interesting to tell you, other than to stop watching fake news.



Billy Corgan and the Reptilian Shapeshifter

Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins fame claims to have seen a reptilian shapeshifter while on the Howard Stern show - that's right, a scaled-illuminati psychopath of the David Icke variety:

This claim comes on the heels of Corey Feldman's arrest for pot charges days after talking about pedophile rings in Hollywood (just an unfortunate coincidence, right?) Several more sex cases involving industry children (Netflix "Stranger Things") have come out in recent days, not to mention the Harvey Weinstein stuff.

Why am I connecting these seemingly random events together? Let me explain further:

I've been reading a lot on multiple personality disorders lately, realizing rape before 9 years of age introduces the possibility of what some psychologists term "foreign personalities" or "Alters", fragments of consciousness they discover that don't seem to belong to the host patient they're treating.

Here's another seemingly random but I think related topic; "Parabiosis". It's becoming a fashionable trend - clinics opening up in Hollywood that allow you to receive "young blood", a transfusion of blood from a teenager. Apparently the anti-aging effects are astounding. But looking at it another way, it's really just a modern twist on vampirism, except it's REALLY HAPPENING.

Now, let's do a little free association: hundreds of thousands of kids go missing every year in the US/UK. If a teenager's blood really does have rejuvenating and healing effects....and this is what Parabiosis remarkable demonstrates, then what about a young child's blood, or a newborn's perhaps?

I'm not saying that every child that goes missing in the US becomes a Satanic sacrifice in a Hollywood pedophile's basement, but at the same time, it's interesting to see some science is showing that the blood does indeed play a significant role in the "life force" of an individual, and that certain people, or hell, even entities might actually hack it to gain some sort of illegitimate benefit.

Maybe we're not as high up on the food chain as we think? Maybe there are sentient forces on the fringes of our electromagnetic spectrum that use trauma to open us up to parasitical attack?

I believe Billy. Do you?

Star Leaf in "SmokeFlix" German DVD/Blu-Ray


Lighthouse Home Entertainment will include Star Leaf as part of its "Smokflix" cannabis-film compilation this December 8th, 2017, in German speaking territories around the world. Star Leaf has performed well in the fatherland, finding an enthusiastic audience that enjoys its unique sci-fi tale of extra-terrestrial weed being used by a group of marines to cure their PTSD. 


Pre-order is available on Amazon:



At the base of Mt. Adams in Trout Lake Washington resides the ECETI Ranch, a place known in UFO circles as a hotspot for paranormal activity - a place to make "enlightened contact", as the ranch's founder, James Gilliland would say, with divine extra-terrestrial intelligences.

I've heard this all before of course, from a variety of gurus willing to share with you their Annunaki-insider information if you're devoted enough to download their ebook or subscribe to their YouTube channel. Skepticism aside, I decided to visit the ranch and see for myself if "contact" couldn't be made.


I honestly didn't expect much more than a bunch of hippies aiming laser pointers in the sky, oohing and ahhing at supposed "power ups" which were nothing more than iridium flares from passing satellites. Needless to say I was not disappointed by an over-enthusiastic James Gilliland and his audience of true believers looking for whatever passing salvation they could find in the night sky. Satellite after satellite traveling in a predictable straight path appeared overhead as expected. Nothing unusual to report.

But then something extraordinary happened - I saw something impossible, a real "power up", much like the phenomena recorded by Steven Greer and his trips to the Arizona desert. I saw three more before the night was over. I have no idea what a "power up" really is, but it sure as hell isn't something your 7th grade science teacher could explain. I don't know what NASA's budget is these days, but they need to fly some engineers to this ranch immediately for an extended stay, and have them research this phenomena in more detail. It's no joke, and you really should see it for yourself before passing judgement. 


Even though I still think enthusiasm gets the best of some of the SkyWatch participants, the power ups I witnessed were undoubtably genuine UFO experiences, the likes of which I have no explanation. 

The second evening started with a phenomena I haven't previously discussed, the "Anomalous Luminous Phenomena" that happens on Mt. Adams itself during the dusk hours, just before nightfall. Lights will crackle 13 miles in the distance, much like flares on a highway roadside flickering on and off. Skeptics say it's from hiker's headlamps and snowmobiles, though reports of these lights have been documented for over 100 years, and have left serious researcher and electrical engineer Dave Akers completely stumped on the subject. 

I don't know what these lights are, but I don't know of any hikers trying to summit a glacier EVER NIGHT FOR OVER 100 years at 2am with a headlamp capable of being seen thirteen miles away. It defies explanation. 

But that's not what really got me. Just before night hit, giant "swishes of light" wispped in front of the crowd. Many saw it, including a kid next to me who blurted out "look mom, it's the ocean swimming through the air". How poetic, and true. 

It was not ball lightning or swamp gas. It wasn't a problem with my eyes. Whatever it was - it took my breath away.


Perhaps the most unexpected event was waking up to a large mammal engaged in a yelling contest with the coyotes nearby. My spine literally shivered at the guttural vocalizations - it was a loud, aggressive whooping the coyotes deeply despised, and they responded with their own howls and screams.

Upon getting home from the ranch I did some brief research to see if that sound matched that of other local animals in the region - owls, other coyotes, ravens, bears, etc. It came back negative, aside from one creature that it matched with uncanny accuracy - at least according to audio recorded in the Sierra Nevadas during the 1970s.


I know it sounds crazy, but I believe I might've heard an actual Bigfoot. I speak about this experience and the other experiences I had at ECETI in more detail in this YouTube video. It's worth checking out if you have the time.


There were other notable moments I had on the ranch, speaking "Light Language" (something I've been doing since my Kundalini awakening 13 years ago) with a supposed native Peleidian speaker, doing my spontaneous mudra and chi work...etc. My buddy even recorded a video of the Peleidians communicating with Clyde Lewis via a black box session. All in all, if you want a chance at real "contact", I can't think of any place its more likely to happen than the ECETI Ranch.

Before you get all skeptical about it - I seriously suggest you just go to the ranch and see with all your senses for yourself. What I saw has left me profoundly changed. Yeah, there were people there that would probably believe anything you tell them, who are gullible, easily fooled by charlatans promising enlightenment and other escapes from reality. But mixed with their absurdities, their human frailties, was genuine contact with ETs. It was incredible. 

Our world is not what it seems, not what our masters tell us. I believe ECETI is somehow sitting on some kind of geomagnetic anomaly (perhaps this explains the Anomalous Luminous Phenomena) that distorts our space-time continuum enough for visitors to peek behind the veil a bit, to see into some dimensions just outside our own awareness. 

Don't believe it, well...visit the ranch and see for yourself. Close encounters don't come any closer than a trip to ECETI!

Buddy Boy Farms to Sell "Star Leaf" in Washington State

Star Leaf and Buddy Boy Farms are proud to announce a joint partnership to bring out of this world bud to the Evergreen state.

Based out of Ford, WA, Buddy Boy Farms is a tier 3 processor that is putting over 40 years of organic growing to good use - producing potent cannabis strains using clean, natural spring water and no pesticides.

Ranger Dave decided to make his own personal inspection to make sure Buddy Boy truly lives up to its reputation. Watch him give Buddy Boy Farms a thorough "alien inspection".


Star Leaf to attend 2017 Seattle Hempfest

Star Leaf will have a booth at this year's 2017 Seattle Hempfest. For over twenty six years Seattle's hempfest has been going strong - becoming one of the largest and longest running hemp and cannabis-themed festivals in the world.


Come by and hang with us - we'll have a raffle drawing and some other prize giveaways, along with an opportunity to hunt some aliens. That's right - we need your help to keep the Star Leaf safe from alien abduction! Those pesky Greys are up to no good as always, hoping to hijack your high. Help us keep cosmic consciousness alive and well here on planet earth. So calling all Guardians of the Leaf...we need you!

Alien Gun Suicide

Our booth number is 666. Yes, that's right. Don't be afraid - fear is just an illusion. 666 in numerology is a number of physical strength and manifestation. We are taking this number back from the reptilians who've demonized it to prevent us from embracing our own personal power here on earth. It's time to wake (and bake) up humanity! 

See you August 18th-20th at Myrtle Edwards Park on the waterfront in downtown Seattle, Washington.

Here's a fun little sneak peek at the fun we had in 2015, when Star Leaf first debuted at Hempfest. Enjoy!



“Make the most of the Indian hemp seed, . . . and sow it everywhere!”
— George Washington

If the laws and regulations of the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) were being enforced in 1776 as they are today, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson,  Benjamin Franklin, and many other founding fathers and heroes of the American Revolution would be sitting in a federal prison. 


Many dispute whether or not these founding fathers ever cultivated their hemp plants for anything other than ropes for the British Navy, but even hemp production alone would still qualify them for a flashbang grenade being tossed through the White House window and DEA jackboots kicking down the door to the Oval Office. With state laws allowing hemp production to resume in the United States for the first time in 77 years, the Federal Government still views hemp as a schedule 1 drug, punishable up to 10 years in prison, or longer.

Thanks to the greed and jealousy of the Duponts, Mellons, and Hearst families, The Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 pretty much wiped out a thriving hemp and cannabis culture in North America. Not only was hemp one of the biggest exports of the original thirteen colonies and eventual United States, hemp went on to win World War 2 and even saved President George Bush's life after he was shot down by the Japanese in the Pacific. How much more patriotic can a plant get?

    Grandma's Folk Medicine Worked a Little Too Well for Big Pharma's Taste.

    Grandma's Folk Medicine Worked a Little Too Well for Big Pharma's Taste.

Who exactly is winning the war on drugs again? Certainly not We The People - nor our beloved forefathers who inked those immortal words into our country's founding documents, most of which were written on hemp paper. Instead of being treated as the heroes and patriots they were, they'd have been put in jail right alongside El Chapo and other drug lords for committing the crime of making America not great again, but truly great in the first place.

Luckily for our founding fathers, El Chapo had a nack for building some of the greatest escape tunnels ever.

Liberty - it's what everybody wants, you know?