Star Leaf portrays a dramatic struggle for survival and self-preservation that is both unexpected and brilliantly executed.”


Star Leaf Could Become to This Generation of Cannabis Users what Cheech and Chong’s Up in Smoke Was to the 70’s”

The Northwest Leaf

“Forget Evil Bong. Forget Pot Zombies. If you need a horror or scifi flick heavily revolved around marijuana, then Star Leaf is the one for you…I loved it!”


The film is a fun adventure, relying on developed characters and their interactions with some good humor thrown in.


“8 out of 10 stars!”

Andrew Marshall – StarBurst Magazine

“Star Leaf, might, just MIGHT, be a cult classic in the making.”

Che Gilson – UKHorrorScene.com

“The film was fantastic, and the character development was on point…with this all-star cast and excellent direction, you will want to partake in the Star Leaf.”

Ryan Cusick – iHorror.com

Star Leaf is a horse of a different color when it comes to its genre. It is bold and new, and that is refreshing.”


“Destined to be a cult-classic”

Nicole Black – Hempapalooza Founder

is a ‘trip’ worth searching for in theaters. An indy horror treat with some scares, laughs, and a little something to say.”

Jason Valentine – KVEW TV

“Surprisingly good. Star Leaf has scares…and a final act that will leave you shocked.”

Darren Lucas – MoviesReview101.com
Available on iTunes
Available on iTunes